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Navi D. Jeevas
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
1. Who is your favorite bands at the time? KAT-TUN

2. Currently,what is your favorite song? Um...

3. Tell us something about yourself. Ano...

4. Do you like sweets? YES!!!

5. Are you on DeviantArt a lot? Uh...yes? xD

6. Do you like yaoi? Oh yes~

7. What is your current wallpaper? Rabbits :3

8. What are your favorite movies? Look at my DA profile. Duh!

9. Can you count to ten? Yeah~

10. What did you think of Question 9? Nothing much.

Her Questions:

1. Its almost 2012, you scared? No. Why?

2. Do you think purple's a less girly version of pink? No way!

3. How do you think you'll die? Peacefully?

4. fave manga genre. oh also fave manga...:D Angst...Death Note! <3

5. Do you like jpop or kpop because of how smexy the guys look? No I like Jpop because of their music...the guys' looks comes 2nd

6. Are you a cat person or dog person? Both.

7. What's the best way to treat idiots? Act like they're smart. *nods*

8. do you have stalkers? No~

9. ever stalked? N-...*thinks*

10. would you touch some random man's poop with your bare naked fingers for a million dollars? No way! Has to be a billion pounds (European currency)!

My Questions for the Taggeders:

1. What do you really want right now?

2. What is your all time favorite anime?

3. What is your favorite childhood movie?

4. Ever knew someone had a crush on you?

5. Did you ever drooled while you were sleeping in class?

6. Have you ever slept in class?

7. Do you have a crush right now?

8. What is your wish?

9. Ever played an online role play game?

10. Favorite Final Fantasy Character.

I was tagged by this lady:

I tagged...

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